Terra Spike Aerators


Terra Spike Aerators As market leaders and innovators, Wiedenmann have set the world standard for high performance aeration. The Terra Spike™ has made its name as the best deep loosening machine specially designed for golf courses, sports grounds, recreational areas

Variseeder Tractor Mounted Seeder

Over Seeding

Seeding is vitally important to precisely position and then cover seeds to enable new growth and the SISIS Variseeder ensures the sowing and seeding process is efficient and effective. Suitable for overseeding the entire playing surface and or worn areas

Top Dressing Broadcast Style

Top Dressing

Clubs often consider or are recommended to top dress their pitch, simple you think however the mere application of 90 tons of ‘sand’ often has a neutral effect on both root zone development and drainage performance, in the worst case

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Pitch Drainage

Often drainage of most playing surfaces can be improved by regular de-compaction and root zone treatments a good healthy sward is an excellent way of managing surface water as well as producing an a good playing surface. On some occasions a

Soil Compaction Tester

Soils Analysis

Soil compaction testing is the measure of how compacted the pitch surface is. The FA have specific standards of compaction which we can test against for any football pitch. Core samples are taken down throught the root zone and the

Quadroplay Combination Implement Frames

In Season

Combination Implement Frames allow up to four operations to be undertaken in one pass reducing time and cost the Quadroplay is often described as the best tool in the shed. In season pitch repair has never been so easy so