Often drainage of most playing surfaces can be improved by regular de-compaction and root zone treatments a good healthy sward is an excellent way of managing surface water as well as producing an a good playing surface.


On some occasions a more radical treatment such as sand banding or a underground drainage system is required.


Recently pitchcare.guru completed an extension to the existing underground system at Callington Town FC. The previous project having left an area untreated resulting in a number of cancellations when the majority of the pitch was playable.

The like for like extension of the existing system involved laying a 50mm diameter perforated pipe at a depth of 450mm below the playing surface. This was the covered in 150mm of drainage medium an 150mm of sand. Often the sand layer is brought to the surface however in this particular operation turf was been removed from the line of the excavations and re-laid the same day.


Finally the areas affected by construction traffic was de-compacted using a wiedermann verti-drain ensuring pitch renovation was complete.


Seven days later playable surface.


Happy to discuss total pitch drainage projects or perhaps just that particular problem area estimates are free and you may find that its affordable and within your budget reducing damage cancellations and fixture build up.