Soil Compaction TesterSoil compaction testing is the measure of how compacted the pitch surface is. The FA have specific standards of compaction which we can test against for any football pitch.

Core samples are taken down throught the root zone and the level of compaction depth is visible, this will aid the required decompaction depth if a verti-drain operation is to take place.

Soil analysis can be completed by sending soil samples to an independant laboritory for testing and recommended top dressing can be introduced following the results of the test analysis.


FertilisersFertilisers are sourced through Avoncrop Amenities in addition to an excellent product range, they provide technical support insuring the correct fertiliser selection taking into account soil make-up and season.

In addition to fertilisers, other products can be sourced through Avoncrop Amenities including seed, pitch marker, top dressing and drainage materials.

If you would like further information on this process, please get in touch with us.