Clubs often consider or are recommended to top dress their pitch, simple you think however the mere application of 90 tons of ‘sand’ often has a neutral effect on both root zone development and drainage performance, in the worst case it can have a negative effect on the sward due to loss of nutrient’s and the ability to support root growth.

Here at Pitch care guru we undertake a soil analysis to determine first and for most if the pitch requires and/or would benefit from the application of top dressing. If the answer is yes the correct top dressing medium is sourced and a full technical specification is provided indeed actual material samples can be made available.

The more efficient the drainage properties of the material applied is often at the expense of root development. it is important to get the balance right at pitch care guru we believe this can only be achieved following detail soil analysis. Often poor pitch drainage performance can be down to high compaction levels and/or the pitch location a de-compaction treatment and/or a more radical positive drainage scheme will provide better, long term and cost effective results.

We are currently offering a limit number of free soil analysis reports contact us for details on-line or by simply calling Steve Blatchford on 07979803881.